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Pinnacle Group is a family-owned, local Topeka concrete contractor. We provide innovative concrete repair and insulation services over the entire northeast Kansas region. We believe in doing things right the first time, and offer low-cost, long-lasting solutions for home and business owners.

An Experienced Topeka Concrete Contractor

We offer an affordable alternative to slab replacement. Slabs that are sagging or settling can be quickly and economically restored to their original level. We use polyurethane foam to lift sinking surfaces indoors and out for both residential and commercial properties.

We utilize the same foam jacking procedure that is used to support roadways and airport runways around the world. State and federal Departments of Transportation rely on foam jacking for dependable, permanent concrete leveling.

Many Uses
Let us utilize the tremendous lifting force of polyurethane foam to reverse settlement issues around your home or small business. The results are more predictable and long lasting than other concrete raising methods. Use it for:

Light, Strong, Resilient
Polyurethane foam is injected beneath sagging surfaces and immediately finds and fills voids. It stabilizes the adjacent soil and forms a water repellent seal on the underside of the slab. The foam structure is fully cured almost immediately. Within 30 minutes you can resume full activity, including driving across the restored slab. It works beautifully for concrete garage floor repair and driveways.

Lightweight – Polyurethane foam weighs only a few pounds per cubic foot. Compare that to 100 plus pounds per cubic foot for the grout used in the older "mud jacking" process. This is important if ongoing soil compaction is contributing to your settlement problems.

Tiny injection sites –We only need a few small holes, just 5/8 inch across, to inject the foam. Cement-type methods can require lots of holes that are up to 3 inches across, and that means a messy patchwork is left behind. In some cases we can perform our work from the side of the slab, with no holes at all. This is especially important if you have decorative or stamped surfaces that need to be raised. That’s why it is the perfect solution for concrete patio repair.

Stability – Polyurethane foam won’t ever shrink. It actually gains strength from having formed in an enclosed space. It maintains both compressive strength for weight-bearing and tensile strength to handle vibration and ground movement. This offers a low-cost concrete foundation repair solution as well as excellent concrete sidewalk repair.

Expert Application
Our polyurethane material is custom blended on-site for each job. It forms a chemically inert structure that won’t crack, break or erode. It doesn’t pollute the surrounding soil or groundwater. It’s perfect for concrete driveway repair.

Foam jacking is proven to be reliable even for heavy-lifting projects like foundations and floors that support industrial equipment. We make repairs in minutes, not days. This is important in industrial settings, such as concrete warehouse floor repair, where lost productivity means lost revenue.

Insulation Services
Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) has been used for years as the best type of home insulation. Inch for inch, it has an R-value that far exceeds most typical heat barriers.

We specialize in applying spray foam insulation in both existing homes and new construction. A properly insulated house:

- Enjoys lower energy usage and utility bills year-round

- Feels more comfortable

- Is more durable due to reduced condensation that damages building materials

- Has a higher resale value

A Safer, Greener Home
SPF also seals and prevents air infiltration in your house. That can help reduce damaging condensation and prevent mold and mildew growth. Sealing cracks and preventing air infiltration also stops pests from entering.

Insulation and Topeka Concrete Contractor

High R-value and air-infiltration sealing make SPF one of the best values for attic insulation and whole-house energy savings.

Every home is different and it’s hard to say exactly how much energy savings different insulation applications will provide. Typical estimates are 10-30 percent. Call us and we’ll assess your insulation needs.

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